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ZPF Desktop Screen




- Comes w/ 3 Version 

- Basic Screen w/ Board Width Equals to Desk

- Smaller Ver. w/ Triangle Shaped Brackets

- Light Ver. w/ Elastic Mesh Upholstery

- Optional w/ Tackable Function

- Zip Zap Metal Book Rack

- All Version Suitable for Hanging Accessories


Fabric Color

Fabric Color - BF 102

Fabric Color - BF101

Fabric Color - BF108

Fabric Color - BF-105

Fabric Color - BF106

Fabric Color - BF109

Fabric Color - BF107

Fabric Color - BF104

Fabric Color - BF110

Metal Color

Metal Color - DG

Metal Color - LG

Metal Color - AO

Metal Color - SW

Contact us for more colors selection

Overall Size (mm):

ZPF W800-1200 x H340 x THK24

ZPS W800-1200 x H310 x THK24

ZPG W800-1200 x H325 x THK8