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F1 Plus Desktop Screen

- Desktop Screen w/ Width Equals to Desk

- Alternative Smaller Version w/ Round Corner Design

- Standard w/ Fabric Covered Board

- Optional w/ Tackable Function

- Alternative w/ Mesh Fabric

- Comes w/ Full Range of Stationery Accessories

Fabric Color

Fabric Color - TB18

Fabric Color - TB17

Fabric Color - TB15

Fabric Color - TB20

Fabric Color - TB09

Fabric Color - TB23

Fabric Color - TB21

Fabric Color - TB12

Fabric Color - TB08

Fabric Color - TB26

Metal Color

Metal Color - SW-259

Metal Color - SW-507

Metal Color - SW-511

Metal Color - SW-510

Metal Color - SW-454

Metal Color - SW-455

Metal Color - SW-508

Metal Color - SW-509

Metal Color - SW / OF-304

Metal Color - SW / OF-004

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