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myPOD 大班台

myPOD is Uffix's innovative range which introduces a new philosophy in viewing the environment dedicated to the office space. Since the very beginning of its name Personal Office Desking, myPOD expresses a projectual creative and dynamic idea, which is aimed to obtain intelligent and personalized space. It expresses "friendly" thinking, which overcomes fixed and pre-determined schemes and moves towards the users emotional sphere.

new uffix


木料及胶板颜色 - Ebory wood

木料及胶板颜色 - White Laminate

木料及胶板颜色 - Anthracite Laminate

木料及胶板颜色 - Sand Laminate


玻璃及真皮颜色 - Red Glass

玻璃及真皮颜色 - White Glass

玻璃及真皮颜色 - Dark Brown Leather