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Ladder Group Executive

- Desk Top in Veneer / Melamine

- Leg in Ladder Shaped Steel w/ PP or Metal Cover

- Desk Top in Rectangular / Arc Shape

- Desk Leg w/ Concealed Cable Management 

- Match w/ a Full Range of Steel Made Cabinet 

- Featured w/ Colourful Handle & Leg Cover in PP


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Melamine Color

Melamine Color - OM-9024

Melamine Color - OM-1561

Melamine Color - OM-2687

Melamine Color - OM-6124

Melamine Color - OM-1413

Melamine Color - OM-9011

Melamine Color - OM-1630A

Melamine Color - OM-0927

Metal Color

Metal Color - SW-259

Metal Color - SW-507

Metal Color - SW-511

Metal Color - SW-510

Metal Color - SW-454

Metal Color - SW-455

Metal Color - SW-508

Metal Color - SW-509

Metal Color - SW / OF-304

Metal Color - SW / OF-004

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