About Our Product

OFFMAX office solutions are geared towards an ever changing office landscape. From traditional administrative support functions, to hot-desking and flexible open plan environments, we understand the importance of designing workspaces that empower employees by providing clear spaces of privacy that encourage focus and as little interruption to their work as possible, while also allowing interaction with others when need-be.

Extensive knowledge and experience of office environments has led OFFMAX into the design of future-proofed office systems that retain their style for years to come. Our office systems allow for unlimited configurations providing unique solutions to differing work environments. By considering the utilization of different materials, angels and workstation setup, we have introduced varying height stations and panels that can be blended together without an interruption to the office's visual appeal. Monitors can be attached to desks on jointed arms that float in mid-air, cables can be hidden in ducts within desk legs, and cabinets can blend into the total design scope of the corporate brand.

We back our products with a standard five [5] years warranty on all products. OFFMAX put all our products through the strenuous tests not just to pass, but exceed the furniture manufacturing standards from around the world. Quality is key to our success, where our materials, production and furniture imports are of highest quality. We go above and beyond to make sure the furniture you buy is the best of its kind.

Quality Standards
OFFMAX is ISO 9001:2000 certified, and has all its products tested for fire resistance, paint and coatings toxicity, laminate, fabric and foam flammability, meeting European quality assurance standards.

OFFMAX also follow its own strict Environmental Charter, (OEC), to continually monitor our production and eco sustainability of all the products we produce and re-sell.